91728599172862Every Tuesday our Farmers Market and Flea Market brings together approximately 600 spaces with hundreds of buyers. You'll find everything imaginable, from Apples to Zebra's (stuffed toys, that is!) and everything in between ...

People come from all over to sell to the hundreds of people who show up every Tuesday morning for the Farmers Market and Flea Market. You'll be amazed at what you find here. It's part treasure hunt, part grocery shopping...but it's ALL relaxing and safe. Come see for yourself!

Get all the vegetables you want for your family .... and ALOT FRESHER than at your local grocery store too.


COME ON OUT - We have weekly and monthly booths and open air spots, each location affordably priced! (Starting as low as $7.00 per day). You can effectively sell to hundreds of potential customers for almost nothing.
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Some of the BEST FRUIT in North Carolina !!!


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