What is Wholesale Alley?

Wholesale Alley is a Wholesale Market. We have approximately 75 vendors. These vendors are independent and sell a wide range of products.

529880_453571508002631_1639528666_nHow do I become a Member ?

To become a member you must bring an official copy of your State Sales & Use Tax Number. You must also have a Driver’s License (or other picture ID) for identification.

12356720_1211587902200984_6539672400248775423_oHow do I get a State Tax Number?

This number is issued by your State Department of Revenue. It is the number you use to collect and pay States Sales Tax.

554363_453578008001981_1123391731_nWhat does it cost ?

First time Member Fees : Primary & Secondary Card Holder $15.00

Existing Member Fees : Renewal ( per year ) $10.00 Replacement Badge $15.00 Lost or Forgotten Badge ( 1 day ) $2.00 ( 1st time a year – free )

392563_453575354668913_1146302825_nWhen are you open ?

Monday 7:30 am to 5 pm Tuesday 7:30 am to 1 pm

We are open EVERY Monday and Tuesday, even holidays !

 The only exception to that is if Christmas Day falls on a Monday or Tuesday.

10629386_956599081033202_8334856531187243232_oHow can I pay for my merchandise ?

The Vendors are all independent and have different methods. Anyone will take cash. Some vendors will take checks from an established customer. Some vendors do have Credit Card Machines. It is good to plan enough cash on hand.

549235_453554378004344_1542068261_nHow can I get in without a State Sales & Use Tax Number ?

This is a WHOLESALE MARKET. If you do not sell you may not come into the market except as a visitor with a member who has a current badge to Wholesale Alley. As a visitor it will cost you $5.00 per day. Limit 2 visitors per member.

What Does A Tax Exempt Organization Need ?12931138_1299385923421181_4653564457521054528_n

If you are a Tax Exempt organization we must have your Federal ID form from the IRS that STATES that you are Tax exempt. We also need a list (on your letterhead) of people who would be buying for the organization/ ministry. There is a limit of 10 people. Memberships are NOT available to every person in the congregation, only for those in positions of leadership.

Can I bring my children ?1598982_964095236950253_2351607653274246470_o

Members may bring their children. There is no fee until the child reaches 17 years of age. At 17 he/she must have a badge or a visitor pass. If your underage children LOOK older it is wise to get them a sticker at the office.

Wholesale Alley, Inc.

308 Berrier Ave. Lexington, NC 27295
Phone (336) 248-2157
Fax (336) 238-5404